SiniCon E24

Meet the next level MIDI controller for DAW control and automation. The SiniCon E24 is the only controller in its class with individual OLED displays for each knob and button and full RGB LED Rings around each Encoder.

What is the SCE24 Controller?

The SCE24 controller is a state of the art MIDI controller which contains 24 encoders, 34 OLED displays, and 24 LED Ring displays. The controller is customizable and can adapt to the most demanding workflows of music creation, post production and sound editing/manipulation/mastering.

The SCE24 will ship with REAPER compatibility through the CSI protocol, and it will also support the industry standard MCU protocol. This will allow the SCE24 to work with most DAWs right off the bat, albeit with the limitations imposed by the MCU protocol. Fear not, as we plan to remedy those limitations and to bring all of the SCE24's functionality to other DAWs after the initial batch of shipments.

The DISPLAY advantage

The problem with standard MIDI controllers is that their knobs and buttons normally only have one function. Typically these are labeled on the unit's surface and cannot be customized to a user's workflow. If you do find a controller that lets you customize their controls, then you are left with unrelated printed descriptions next to the controls which can become very confusing. Time to get the label maker and start printing your secondary function labels to demystify your controls.
This is where having an individual display per control is extremely helpful. Not only are the controls customizable, but their displays interactively change to indicate their current function. This allows your controller to have multiple setups. ie. You can have a setup for tracking, a setup for mixing, a setup for mastering, a setup up for each individual FX, etc... The possibilities are endless.

24 Endless Encoders

The SCE24 has 24 endless encoders which have push functionality, touch sensitivity and detect acceleration. These are high quality smooth encoders which means they do not click nor make a sound when rotated. (the push button however, does make a low clicking sound)

34 Individual OLED Displays

Each of the 24 encoder has an OLED display with 96x64 resolution and 65k colors. The 8 buttons located at the bottom of the controller come with an integrated OLED display  with 64x64 resolution and 65k colors. In addition there are 2 longer OLED strips at the top for displaying important information such as Layer Names, Configuration State, or other important information. This is an unprecedented number of OLED displays for such a small size controller.

Full RGB Ring LEDs

If the above features were not enough, we've added a ring of 18 RGB LEDs around each encoder. The bottom 3 LEDs serve as a status indicator for the control, and the upper 15 LEDs will indicate parameter changes such as volume, pan, or FX parameter values. By having full color access on the LEDs, you can customize the SCE24 to instantly and visually describe the functions being controlled.

We are very excited to bring the SCE24 to market and hope that it can help with your creative endeavors.

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