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Introducing the SCE24 MIDI Controller

SCE24 Introduction Video

The SCE24 is complete and we are starting to take orders. Please take a look at all the powerful features that this MIDI controller can offer audio engineers and producers. Time to make music and get back to focusing on the sound.

E24 Controller

E24 Controller (Final Design)

Final Design for E24 Controller

We have finalized the design for the E24 Controller as it will be when it enters the market. After many iterations and design adjustments, we believe we've come up with the best Audio Controller with 24 Encoders. Take a look at more renderings of the final design by clicking on this image. We hope you like it.

Testing Beta Firmware with an FX

Going through a run down of the SCE24 Prototype and also testing the beta firmware with the controller mapped to the DMG Audio Equilibrium Plugin. Note that this is the prototype and a beta version of the firmware. The buttons shown will be replaced with ones that have an integrated OLED display . Enjoy!

Demo of SiniCon FX Configurator

No matter how impressive the features of the SCE24 controller are, they are useless unless users can customize them easily and quickly. This is why we are creating our custom application to run on Windows and iOS. With it, people will be able to create custom Zones for the SCE24 to communicate with CSI and REAPER. We hope to create something similar for other DAWS in the future.

Development Thread at the Reaper Forum

If you'd like to find out more about the development of the SCE24 Controller, you can click HERE to go to the Reaper Forum Thread.

CSI for Reaper

If you'd like to find out more about the CSI project and how to customize any MIDI controller(s) to work with Reaper, you can find out more about it on the CSI Development Thread or on the CSI: Devices, Setup, Help Thread. And if you find it useful to your workflow on Reaper, please don't forget to donate to Geoff Waddington who has spent years developing this protocol for Reaper by clicking on DONATE.

Finally, we'd like to thank Geoff Waddington for his hard work and efforts in creating this incredible open source protocol for Reaper, and all those Reaper Forum Users that have helped with testing, and debugging all the features of CSI. Without this creation, we may have never decided to tackle creating a MIDI Controller.

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